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hearing Michelle, Mikhaila, Alison, Jade, and Tania speak at the Rise Christmas Party 2021

from this still space,
this gentle pace of gather,
together, communion,
we ponder – hope –
hope that is cultivated,
we’re captivated in its creativity,
connected in its love,
to its source in love,
in Holy, in Spirit, in
human, its energy,
your care, your carry;
hope is found in love.

and hope looks here
with honesty, it turns
towards my shadow,
embraces fear to look beyond –
hope leans into the ebbs
and flows, it opens vision,
deepens love, hope
welcomes change,
things do not stay
the same – and hope
is hard: it works, insists,
it is the grit of women
digging in together,
to the possibilities,
the creativity, this hope,
this tea to still us,
harp to soothe us,
lens to see us,
art to help us see
ourselves – for hope
is found in love.

hope will play
and hope will sing
and hope will bounce
with joy; hope will help us
fly with freedom from
these shadowed years,
will water seeds, will
shine like sunbeams,
and we will grow,
and we will flourish,
rising yet again.