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Whisper on My Palm cover

In her fourth poetry collection, Sarah Agnew takes the reader on a poetic journey through community and individual crises of bushfires and the global pandemic, loneliness and friendship, and the grief following her beloved Dad’s sudden death. With characteristic courage and vulnerability, these poems will lead you through lament and healing, loss and love, and the continued unfolding of self-understanding.

Published in 2022 by Resource Publications

we hear a voice of lament – a voice that tells it as it is, true to our experience, true to our times. I am grateful … that Sarah sings an honest song

Ruth Burgess, The Iona Community

this is poetry that invites a noticing of the kind that made possible the words themselves; and that moves the reader toward a fuller silence that enlarges our humanity

This sensitive collection speaks with an intimate and immediate voice, offering a timely illustration of honest grief and rare, rampant hope.

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