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In which I receive some answers.

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The results of the blood tests are in, and it turns out I’ve had glandular fever this past month. Which explains the feeling ill, the glands all achy from working so hard, the tiredness, the tiredness. I’m amazed I’ve been utterly laid low with it so comparatively little.

So that’s what’s behind the most recent episode of extreme exhaustion.

Further results from the blood tests revealed very low iron levels. This will account for the constant crash of energy levels, and inability to return to a feeling of plenty in my energy stores. Iron was deemed low by doctors in Edinburgh 18 months ago, and there were some tablets to increase pheratin levels, I think to help carry the iron, or oxygen, or something, around the blood.

My doctor here is taking a stronger approach. Tomorrow I will receive an iron infusion: needle in, and five minutes’ worth of iron pumping straight into the blood. No nasty side effects from iron tablets that mess with your digestive system. And, bonus, if it works, it will last for up to a year.

With any luck, my energy levels should rise, aches diminish, head clear.

Is this the answer to the longer term chronic exhaustion I’ve been living with for years? It would be a welcome answer, for it has a solution. Time will tell if there is more to the muscle aches and inflammation than iron levels.

For now, the story seems to be taking a positive turn at last, for which I am exceedingly grateful.