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I’ve been back from my four week round the world trip for two weeks now, and have plunged straight back into life in the parish.

Diary of a chronically exhausted vicar image

By the end of the four weeks, I had recovered a sense of wellbeing, energy, and joy.

I’ll have to have the blood test to verify, but within myself it feels as if that infusion of iron in July is boosting my iron levels well now, and helping me to begin recovery from glandular fever.

I’m quite pleased with my diligent application of my plan for days of rest while travelling: there were days where I did very little indeed, which rejuvenated me for the days of sight-seeing, being present with friends, performing at and participating in the Network of Biblical Storytellers’ seminar and festival gathering. And I have not crashed on my return home.

Before I went on leave, I would spend my customary morning at the church office, attending staff meetings, planning worship, meeting with congregation members, staff, colleagues, etc., and then come home for lunch and sleep for much of the afternoon.

Since I have come back, I’ve not had an afternoon nap during the week, apart from the day of return after 35 hours in transit, and I think anyone would have done that! I have been going to bed early, and I’ve slept late a few mornings.

But I had my sisters here for a weekend mere days after returning from my own adventures, and my energy did not dip the whole time they were here, including and early start on the Saturday to get groceries before meeting them at the airport, going for brunch, shopping, sight seeing, then enduring the freezing cold and our team’s loss at the football in the evening. Sunday included two worship services, interviewing a candidate for a position at the church, markets, lunch, hanging out with the sisters, then driving them to the airport. Only after I returned from dropping them off did I finally feel tired.

There are many other ways in which the four weeks away have recharged my batteries for my return to life in Canberra, and I’ll get to the blog posts reflecting on that soon. I am especially grateful for the discovery of what was wrong, the iron, and the disciplined rest I am practicing. I am feeling like myself again, and that is the best thing.

Now I need to harness all that discipline and carefully build back into the daily and weekly rhythms some walking, if only the air outside would warm up a little …