Whisper on My Palm

In her fourth poetry collection, Sarah Agnew takes the reader on a poetic journey through community and individual crises of bushfires and the global pandemic, loneliness and friendship, [...]


Embodied Performance

Embodied Performance presents a methodology by which performer-interpreters can bring their intuitive interpretations to the scholarly conversations about biblical compositions. It may not be comfortable, for scholarship is out [...]


Pray the Story

Pray the Story brings together prayer-poems from Sarah’s blog of the same name (Pray the Story), composed for lectionary portions of the Bible from 2016–2019. In this book [...]


Hold Them Close

The poems in Hold Them Close express the joys and hardships of life in its breadth, from the sacred story of Christian spirituality, to the profanity of injustice; [...]


Blue, Koala?

Kangaroo and Cockatoo, Platypus and Wombat give a blue Koala hiding in a dangerous cave the gift of courageous friendship.  Blue, Koala? is a beautifully illustrated story that highlights [...]


In His House

Poems, stories and spoken word pieces by Sarah Agnew, who seems to often return to the words, stories, and characters of William Shakespeare in her own writing. Sarah’s [...]


In Prayer and Protest

A pamphlet collection of poems that speak prayerfully through life’s joys and sorrows, and shout at life’s injustices. Published by Ginninderra Press in 2014 Buy direct [...]


On Wisdom’s Wings

Through deep darkness and flickering hope, joys of love and sorrows in loss, sacred encounters, shared humanity and the discovery of self, On Wisdom’s Wings tells the story [...]